Monday, September 30, 2013

When Pigs Fly...

You guys.  I think pigs really may fly!  I never thought this would happen!

Scotty signed us both up for a 1/2 marathon!!!!

This is his first one.  I ran my first in 2009.  It was an amazing experience and I always knew I would do it again, but I never dreamed that we would do one together!  And so soon!  In November.  Like, in five weeks.  Eek!  I trained for four months for the first one.  Dear Jesus, please help us to be ready!  I'm thinking we have a good start since we already run ... right?  

I will do my best to not bore you too much with marathon-y stuff, but if you knew how much of a miracle this is you wouldn't be too hard on me! 

Ok. That is all.  I'll let you get back to your Monday.


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