Friday, September 13, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Mercy

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Yesterday wasn't perfect.  I wasn't perfect.  I didn't get everything done that I would have liked to.  I had too many cookies.  I may or may not have allowed a certain situation to make me angry.  A friend lost a loved one.  Another friend is going through an unthinkable trial.  There's flooding in Colorado.  There is a lot of uncertainty in our country - in the world.  It looks like a big mess.

But then.  I woke up this morning. 

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There was a beautiful fog outside my window. 
I looked over and there was Scotty.  And I love him.
A good morning hug from my girl.
A hot cup of strong coffee.
I woke up to a brand new day without any mistakes in it.  Yet.
I have a God who loves me and delights in me.  What an incredible thought!  Yesterday wasn't perfect.  Today won't be either. But every little thing is going to be ok.
"Your kindness and your mercies pursue me all the days of my life ..." - Psalm 23:6 

- Liv

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  1. I think there are no perfect days...but the love is there, and it's perfect :)

  2. Visiting from FMF. I believe those last few words you shared will stay with me..."But evey little thing is going to be ok." He is SO good isn't He? His mercies are new every morning!! Wishing you a bless-filled weekend.

  3. Hi Liv,
    Isn't it wonderful to see His mercies in the fog, in our loved ones...even though there are no perfect days...but God's love is perfect...visiting from FMF...nice to meet you :)

  4. Love this. What a beautiful assurance that His mercies continue to pursue us.


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