Sunday, August 4, 2013

82 Things I Want To Tell My Daughter Before Tomorrow


The long days of summer break are over and a new school year starts tomorrow!  My daughter will enter the halls of her high school in her new cheer uniform; her sophomore year a blank page, waiting to be filled with homework and new teachers and friends and football games.  No doubt there will be exciting new opportunities as well as challenges and alas ... boys.  What I want her to remember for this year (and for always):

1) Every day you wake up is a day you are loved
2) Every day you wake up is a day you have been prayed for
3) CLING to what you know about God - it will get you through the confusion
4) Beauty from the inside is more beautiful than beauty from the outside
5) If you don't like how you feel, change how you think
6) Or...have some chocolate
7) Just because a boy shows interest doesn't mean he deserves your attention
8) Boys are stinky anyway...
9) ...and you aren't allowed to date until you are 30
10) Grades matter
11) Good girls are not boring
12) Keep your air of mystery
13) Don't confuse a bad day with feeling you have a bad life (see #6)
14) Always, always, always find something to be thankful for - especially on the bad days
15) Never stop dancing
16) Never make fun of anyone
17) Stick up for the kid everyone is hating on
18) Do what is right
19) Be fair
20) Love kindness
21) Be humble
22) Choose to have fun
23) Music is a gift
24) Cherish your friendships
25) Choose your friends wisely - you will act like the people you spend your time with
26) Don't be afraid to say "hi" first
27) Don't be ashamed to say "I don't understand"
28) Don't be afraid to ask a question
29) Anything worth having is going to take a lot of work
30) Do your best
31) Smile
 32) You will make mistakes
33) It's ok
34) What matters is what you do after
35) What you have to say is important
36) Drink water, drink water, and drink more water
37) Your body is strong
38) Take care of it - feed it - listen to it
39) You can do hard things
40) It's ok to rest when you are tired
41) You are the boss of your mind
42) Think about what is honest
43) Think about what is true
44) Think about what is lovely
45) Think about what is pure
46) Books are a gift (smile)
47) I am on your side - even when it doesn't feel that way
48) Sometimes all you need is a hug from your mom
49) It's ok to cry
50) It's ok to laugh out loud
51) It's ok to laugh at yourself
52) It's ok to have emotions
53) ... but they're tricky - don't always believe them (see #3)
54) You don't have to make everybody happy - their happiness is not your job
55) What people think of you is their business, not yours
56) Trust your gut - if it makes you uncomfortable don't do it...
57) ...don't say it ...
58) ...don't wear it
59) The truth is always the correct answer - a lie will make you look and feel foolish
60) Perfect doesn't exist
61) The movies lie
62) You will never be too old for my kisses
63) We will always need each other
64) You can't do anything to make me love you more
65) You can't do anything to make me stop loving you
66) You are important to me
67) I am proud of you
68) You make me smile
69) I love your dad
70) Your dad loves me
71) Daddy loves you - you are his treasure
72) Your dad is a good man
73) Boys should be afraid of your dad - very afraid
74) If a boy doesn't treat you the way daddy treats you or me - RUN!
75) I am thankful for you
76) Never forget who you are and Who you belong to
77) Never trade in your faith for temporary things
78) Remember you have a hope and a future
79) Love is always the right answer
 80) One day at a time - do your best
81) We will make better mistakes tomorrow
82)  When all else fails, call your mom!

I know, I know.  There are a thousand things to tell her and I only listed 82!  How do we fit a lifetime of lessons into the short amount of time we have before we kiss the baby days goodbye? 

Praying for all of our littles and not-so-littles as they begin the new school year!  And if your baby is starting kindergarten - hang in there, momma!  I will say an extra prayer for you!  I promise - it is going to be ok.  ((hugs))


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    1. Oh, but you're lovely just as you are! Thanks for reading! ((hugs))

  2. Hello beautiful friend! This post so dear and sweet, I loved reading it! Have a blessed day!!

    1. You too, Ashley! I wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and praying for you this morning!

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