About Me

I'm so excited you are here! I'm Olivia, but my sisters call me Liv. I have 3 of them. I call them The Sisterhood. You will hear about them often!

We also have a brother, Grabe (Gabe).  Imagine growing up with four sisters!  He's brave!  The five of us all together are a recipe for a lot of love and laughter and a little bit of ridiculousness.  We wouldn't have it any other way!

I'm married to Scotty. I am in love with this man! I'll share our story sometime.We have two great teenagers, Taye and Cel. Of all the adventures in life, marriage and motherhood have been the craziest!

I love to read and often have several books going at one time. Give me a book and a cup of coffee and I am one happy sister! I love lists and journaling. I DON'T love math! I love dishes and kitchen gadgets. I DON'T love cooking. Go figure. I love decorating and can read through a decorating book as if it were a Nicholas Sparks novel. I also enjoy running and am so thrilled that Scotty has finally given in and joined me after years of patient encouragement (okay, begging). YES!

Grace is my favorite word in the whole world. God finds beauty in the broken things - that's me! I want to extend that ridiculously excessive grace to those around me - including myself! I hope that this space will be a place where you and I can journey together, learning to live within the grace of one day at a time.

"Tony was overwhelmed by the holiness of everyday, the bits and pieces of light that surrounded and embraced the simple routines and tasks of the ordinary. Nothing anymore was ordinary...you only get one days worth of grace, so why not spend it extravagantly?..." - Crossroads (W. Paul Young)

Have fun finding ways to spend today's portion of grace extravagantly! I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I found you through Rage Against the Minivan. Your story is so beautiful. AND, pretty sure we're twins, after reading your bio!

  2. Thank you, Sarah! First, I'm always grateful when somebody finds their way to my little blog and Secondly, I would never known that my entry was posted on Rage Against the Minivan! Wonderful to meet you!


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