Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On becoming a grandmother ...

 I miss meeting up with you here in this little corner of the Internet, so I'm poppin' in for a second to let you know I'm still here!  I can't wait to write more often, but I'm allowing myself time to adjust to the changes in our home and I'm giving all my spare moments to loving on my sweet grandson.
You guys.  I can still hardly believe it.  Me, a grandmother?!  Part of me - the part that is in love with this beautiful little guy - fully embraces it.  That's the easy part.  The other part - the part that doesn't want to be/feel/sound old yet - cringes when she hears the G-word. 

With the changes comes all sorts of emotions.  There is a lot of HARD in our situation.  There's the mourning of part of my daughter's childhood and of some of the plans for myself that I've had to put on the shelf for a little while longer. There's finding the balance of roles as I mother my daughter while she mother's her son.  Scotty and I have to be intentional about finding space for one another in our new routines.  I need to find space for myself and the things I love again. 

In the middle of the HARD there are many gifts. I get to snuggle with sweet Jax every day and breathe in his fresh-from-heaven baby scent.  And those smiles ... they melt my heart!  I am completely smitten!


So it's alright - call me granny!  I've decided that I am going to rock this gig!

Much love,