Friday, February 27, 2015

Five-Minute Friday: Visit

Sometimes I wish we could visit over a cup of coffee.  Or tea.  I'd totally buy your drink.  Or fluff up the pillows on my couch.  I could make some of that fancy Teavana tea I just bought.  Or I'd love to make you some organic French-pressed coffee, and I always have biscotti. 

I'd ask you how life is.  Busy I know.  We'd talk about every day things like work or school; about the kids or grandkids.  I'd tell you how much I miss running.  We'd talk about your latest Pinterest project and I'd show you the cute fuzzy wreath I made.  Yeah, I know Christmas is over, but you know ... life ... I'm a little behind on stuff!

You would probably ask me how Celine is and if she is ready for the baby.  I'd tell you that she is doing great - just moving a little more slowly and anxious to meet Jaxson.

If you ask me how I am doing I would tell you that I am a mixture of emotions.  Excited to hold and kiss my grandson.  Anxious about being her labor coach.  It will be hard to see her in pain.  I am preparing myself for the next phase:  making sure Celine stays on top of her schooling and supporting her as she navigates motherhood.  You may be sorry you asked because I may go on about how I am feeling tired and frumpy.  This momma needs a long run and a haircut.   

Enough about me.  I want to know how your "thing" is going.  You know the one.  That big decision or the last appointment.  The big test or the potty training.  The vacation or the planning for the big event.  There's so much to catch up on!

We could talk about Downton Abby, since that's about the only show I'm caught up on.  I'd tell you that the dress is white and gold and we'd laugh a lot, I know. 

The time would pass much too quickly and we would promise to not let so much time pass between visits.  I'd be sorry to see you go but I'd be smiling because it's always so nice to visit with you!

- Liv

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Five-Minute Friday: Open

Acceptance.  We long for it.  To be included.

Acceptance into college; Accepting a proposal.
An award; recognition.
Accepting an invitation.
To a party; to dance
And what greater joy is there than to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

Acceptance can also be very difficult.

Accepting that I will be a grandmother before I am 40 years old.
Accepting that my daughter will have to grow up too soon.
Accepting that my husband and I don't share the same faith.
Accepting a broken relationship; that some people may never change.
A diagnosis.
Shoot, let's just cover it all:
Accepting that life did not turn out as expected.

One thing I have learned: Acceptance does not give something your stamp of approval.  Acceptance is simply acknowledging that fact that "it is what it is".  Sounds a lot like surrender.  Surrender is not all bad,  you know.  Surrender can be sweet.  It's opening my hands and giving up my despair. It's trusting the God I know is always good.  Why is it I can accept - even expect the good from His hand, yet be so angry and doubtful when things are not so good? 

Now what?  Now that we've opened our hands in surrender what do we do next?  I know what I won't do.  I won't despair.  I won't pine.  I won't be consumed.  Accepting a situation allows me to move forward.  May God give us the wisdom to do the next right thing.  I can be joyful that God is bringing a precious little boy into our lives.  I can watch my daughter's growing belly and acknowledge that something beautiful is happening.  I can love my husband and see what a gift he is to me.  I can be thankful for the difficult things that have made me real. This. Is. Freedom.

Will there still be moments of sadness and longing?  Of course.  But we don't have to live there anymore.  May we always keep our hands open in surrender to the God who has proven Himself to be trust worthy over and over again. 

- Liv

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Five-Minute Friday: When

When I'm older...
When I'm thinner...
When I have more time; more money...
When I'm smarter; when the kids are grown...

'When' robs me of today's opportunities. Somehow 'when' never comes.  But if I live today; make choices for now, there is no need for when - when becomes today. 

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Celebrating a Little Gentleman

We celebrated a little boy this past weekend.  I couldn't be more proud of how his momma has handled her pregnancy with grace and humility.  And I couldn't be more grateful for the people who have come along side our family in prayer, love and support.  Here is a wordless (almost) picture story of how we celebrated a special little man:

Mustache rings for the party



The Food Table




 Photo Booth Fun






 Thanks For Coming!


It was the best day! 

Worn out

We are four and a half weeks away from welcoming a precious gift into our lives.  Excitement has set in!  Thank you for your kind words and prayers!  I am so thankful for the people - YOU - that God has placed in our lives!  Oh how He loves!

Love, Liv