Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Story

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So, what's your story?

We are all story tellers in some way or another.  It's in your walk, when the stress aches across your shoulders like a fraying rope pulled taut, promising to snap at the next tug.  It's in your eyes as they light up when a loved one enters a room.  It's in the words you speak - the way you speak them.

I have been challenged to live honestly.  To tell my story truthfully.  To not be afraid to laugh or cry; to not be afraid of being less than perfect.  It's a dull life to live, being afraid to express too much emotion or not allowing others to see your weaknesses.  When we live truthfully, we give others permission to do the same.  And when we share a little of ourselves we learn that we are not alone in our trials and imperfections.

My struggles and victories; my faith and my hopes - they are part of me.  They are my story.  I want to live my one life well, so that in the end it will be told as a love story that was full of tears and laughter and messiness and mistakes and forgiveness and redemption.  Those are the best kind.

- Liv


  1. They are the best kind, telling our stories of redemption and forgiveness, beautiful!


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