Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Running Has Taught Me About Life

The right shoes make all the difference!
Take in the scenery
Bad days are the exception, not the rule
Enjoying every minute is not the point
Music makes it better

Drink lots of water
I can do hard things
Pace yourself
When you don't feel like it - do it anyway
Set a goal
I am strong
Your second wind is coming
Training pays off

Watching the sun rise never gets old
Cool breezes are a gift
Food is energy
Eating bad makes me feel bad
One foot in front of the other
I'm not a quitter
Keep going, even when it's hard

Right now it sucks, but it's going to get better
The pain reminds me that I have worked hard
When the pain subsides, I find I am stronger
Give yourself time to cool down
A little sweat never hurt anybody
It's an adventure
Just keep moving

Having a partner keeps me motivated
Head up, shoulders squared and tummy tucked
Attitude is everything
It's great to be outside
It's always a good time to pray
Just lean forward and push through the hills
You tend to try to hurry over the hills to get them over with...
Don't.  You'll only wear yourself out
...Unless you've been on that hill a hundred times before...
In that case - get over it and find a new course, for crying out loud!

Enjoy the easy parts...
but stay humble because another hill may be around the corner!
Keep your core strong - it'll give you a strong back bone
Finishing feels amazing!



  1. I love that picture at the end! Makes me feel proud , like "whew", and I'm just sitting here!!! lol Thanks for the inspiration, onward with my day!

    1. "like" - no "love" your comment! ... and you!

  2. This is amazing determination, and motivation! Loved every bit of this, sweet friend!


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