Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Thing

Saturday mornings are ours.  We get up way too early for a weekend, lace up our running shoes and go for a run before the sun gets high.  After a few miles and a good stretch, we go home to sit on the patio and sip on a cup or two of French-pressed coffee.  Sometimes we talk.  Sometimes we just sit - no need for words. I find myself being most thankful on these days, because it hasn't always been this way.  I can't believe we found our thing.  I can't believe running is our thing!   I tried to get Scotty to run with me for years and he wouldn't budge.  He had absolutely no desire nor inclination to run unless he was being zombies.  You can understand why I gave up hope that he would ever become my running partner! 

The real miracle here is that we found our thing after all these years.  More accurately, the things we thought were our things turned out to not really be our things.  We are not the same people we were when we got married.  Things have changed.  We have changed.  More on that in another post, but I will say that we weren't sure if we would make it long enough to ever find our thing.

We haven't just found our thing - we grew into it.  Without having survived some hard times, running together would be no big deal - it would just be running.  It hasn't been graceful, in fact, it has been quite messy.  But our story is full of grace.  We sort of clumsily muddled through, unsteady and unsure.  When we looked up, we found ourselves shaken up, but still together.  Surprised by grace.

Here's to many more miles. 

- Liv

I'd love to hear what your thing is!


  1. Girl!! You inspire me so much. Love coming here and reading. It's one of my absolute favorites- your amazing blog!


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