Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Write

I've been typing words on this space for less than a year.  I still find myself amazed with every 'like', share or comment.  I am amazed that you have come back to read more of what I have to say. 

There's all these words jumbled up in my head and writing, for me, is a way to organize them.  It's like clearing off a cluttered desk.

I don't have a lot of answers.  I definitely don't have a corner on faith or motherhood or marriage.  But I do have a lot on my mind  and I am just so grateful that you would stick around for me to share it with you.

There are many whose words are achingly beautiful, making mine look plain in contrast.  There is always the pause before hitting 'publish'.  Look close enough (if you are a teacher, please don't look too closely!) and you will find many flaws.  There is always, will they like it?  Is it silly or stupid?  Does it make sense?  Why is what I have to say any more important than what anyone else has to say? 

You also have something to say.  Do what you do to say it.  Paint it.  Sing it.  Write it. 

Just five minutes.  Mistakes and all included.  Find more at


  1. I never thought of it like that before-"clearing off a cluttered desk" but I can relate! Great post! Stopping by from FMF:)

  2. Hi Liv. Thank you for stopping by LOV. I love that analogy of "clearing off a cluttered desk" too! Keep cleaning! ( ;

  3. I like that too, "clearing off a cluttered desk". Right now, I think I drowned underneath the clutter, but I'll be back!


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