Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Laundry

There are so many things undone at the end of the day, like a mountain of laundry that never goes away.  A daughter waiting to be taken to the MVD to get her driver's permit.  Her bedroom walls are begging for a coat of paint to cover the primer.  The empty room left behind by a son who has moved out, waiting to become a sanctuary for writing.  A flower bed that has turned into a weed bed. There are the unfinished Pinterest projects and the box of Fall decorations, untouched.  Thoughts and ideas left unwritten and then forgotten, like a sock that's fallen behind the dresser.  There's the garden that never got started and a stack of books on the night stand, unread.  The Christmas shoebox that is to be filled with gifts for a needy child is empty and the bags of clothing for Goodwill sit in the corner.  The list of things undone leave a cluttered trail, like articles of clothing dropping from a bulging basket. 

Then, there's the small dent in the mountain - a stack of folded towels, soft and still warm from the dryer.  Their scent clean and fresh, like the scent of her hair when you hugged your sweet girl at the end of the day.  There are fresh apples in the fruit bowl from the Farmer's Market where you sat under a tree during your lunch break with a friend you don't get to spend enough time with.  An empty Starbucks cup reminds you of the dear friend who dropped by the office for a few minutes to  tell you how her recent trip went.  Sitting with the love of your life, talking about the day, as he rubs your sore shoulders.  You smile.  Yes, there is much undone.  But when taking inventory at day's end, isn't it great to know that you didn't miss out on the important over the urgent?

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  1. Blessed me so much. I love your writing.

  2. What a beautiful post! I love this review of life, laundry and grace. As we sink grateful into our beds we can reflect on how much may have been neglected but God has threaded our days with glimmers of His grace to touch and delight our hearts. Your emphasis on not missing out "on the important over the urgent" is a vital distinction to make and one I try to keep in mind during those 'whatever did I do today?' moments. Thanks, Liv! Blessings :) x


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