Monday, June 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Fall

I'm a few days late, but I am linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday.  By the way, she is on Momastery today.  Check out her post:  For the Dog Days of Motherhood When You Want Your Money Back.  It's perfect! 
Anyway, back to FMF.  It happens every week.  Lisa-Jo gives a prompt and we write unedited for five minutes.  There is just one rule when you link up on her page: encourage the writer who linked up before you.  It's just another great reason to love Fridays!

This is the hardest thing.  Ever.  Knowing you have to let go and let them fall.
When you have done all you can do to love your children and teach them about Jesus and love them some more and pray for them and teach them more about Jesus.  How is it done?  This letting go? 
I have to fall too.  I have to fall into the loving arms of my Father because this letting go – it’s heart breaking.  I have to let go and trust the One who has said “I will never leave you or forsake you”.   And the One who has promised that there is no where we can go where His Spirit can’t find us.   And really, when we let go and trust, isn’t that where we are allowing them to fall also?  Out of our arms and into the arms of Jesus. 


  1. Beautiful post, Liv! I am not a mother, but I can imagine how hard it would be to let go and trust that your kids will do the right thing. I love your last sentence :)


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