Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

I'm linking up with Lisa Jo for FMF, where we set our timers for five minutes and write, unedited.  Ready...GO:

We sat in the bleachers as they began to file onto the football field.  It was hard to find him in the stream of blue.  They all looked the same, our kids, whom we were about to officially recognize as adults and release into the world.  My eyes scanned the field and then…there he was.  He was in front of the girl with the bright coral high heels.  Although he was far away and I couldn’t really see his face, I knew it was him by his stride.  It’s something a mom knows.  I saw the slight limp he carries from his back surgery six months ago.  I knew it was him by his stature.  So tall.  So handsome.   I see the happy baby with the big smile and the little boy with determination and hilarious sense of humor and the teenager who just can’t wait to start life and have adventures.  I SEE MY SON.  My heart is a mixture of emotions.  Overwhelming love and  pride. Happiness.  Sadness. Anitcipation.  Fear.  Is he ready?  Lord, please guide his steps.  Let him seek You.   No matter where he goes, what he does I will always find him.  I will always SEE my son.
- Liv


  1. Very beautiful, bless you and your dear son.

  2. Dear Liv
    I hear your heart, dear one, for I have two sons who are studying at a university away from home. But I know that although I cannot be them, their Pappa God is always with them. Therefore I leave them in the hands of the One who loves them even more than I am capable of!
    Much love from FMF

  3. Congratulations! I experienced something similar at my own son's graduation. What an important milestone in his life. Bless your family.


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