Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My word for 2015

Photo: Olivia Brant

I'm mostly selfish. 

I'm pretty busy trying to keep up with myself, so I often don't notice the needs around me.  Oh, I have good intentions.  I mean to write that letter.  Or make sure I have extra cash handy for the guy holding the sign on the corner.  I plan to visit the elderly lady who is lonely.  I promised to make cookies for the sweet couple who always remember that I like their home made salsa.  But good intentions alone haven't gotten me very far.  It didn't take long for me to recognize that my word for 2015 should have something to do with giving.

It's easy for me to give to somebody I like a lot.  I love giving gifts to people I love.  It's easy for me to give when it's convenient.  "Oh, today's world missions Sunday?  Good thing I got $5 back after paying for my Starbucks".  I'm not beating myself up here, because even though I'm mostly selfish - I'm mostly nice too.  I would just like to be less selfish this year. 

Here's the thing.  My family has been given so much recently.  I wrote about my mom's kidney transplant this past September.  What a priceless gift.  Not only that, but people who don't know my mom personally read her story and gave towards her medical fund.  Thank you.  So much.  She is doing well.  Her energy has returned and it is wonderful to see her looking and feeling healthy.  God is good.

I have written vaguely about a difficult season I have been through.  A season in which our family needed God's grace.  If you have ever felt that you have nothing to offer somebody who is going through a hard time.  Don't believe it.  "How are you doing?"  "I'm praying for you."  "I love you." Those words were a gift and I needed to hear them.  A meal.  A hug.  Listening.  All of it was a gift. 

I'd like to look for more opportunities to give.  Whether it's donating a dollar to St. Jude's when I pay for my groceries, or pausing my show to give my full attention to a family member - I'd like to give at every opportunity I can.  But rather than writing about ways I give throughout the year, because - well, duh!  I want to look for gifts around me and name them.  I'd like to take notice of all the good things.  Because every good and perfect gift is from above. (James 1:17)

So my word for 2015 is Gift.

Would you join me?   I think giving is contagious.  So is thankfulness.   What a wonderful way to spend the year - giving and living thankful!  Let's spread it! #Gift

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  1. What a beautiful focus for the year! I hope to learn to be more giving as well! ❤️


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