Thursday, July 18, 2013

For when you can't find the words

Photo Credit: Mara Borrego
"Sometimes we can’t find the words to pray and we’re so desperate, so frantic, that elaborate prayers and words just fail us.  All I’d had was please and even if I’d not had that, my spirit would have cried out and doesn’t Jesus hear and feel that?  Doesn’t he know how we’re crumbling and tell it to the Father?...You’re frantic, but He’s already working on it and you haven’t even asked, but He‘s heard." - Ruth Povey
Guys, I know I haven't written much lately, but I sure do think of you a lot.  It's quite frustrating to me, actually.  I have started several posts, but the words to finish have been just out of my reach.  I'm  taking it as a que that during this season, I need to soak in words from those who have them to give.  Here is one from today that I wanted to share with you. Click on over to (in)courage to read more from Ruth Povey.

Love ya, Liv


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