Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When: a letter to my husband



When you asked me to marry you we were young and full of hopes and dreams.

When we were poor we didn't know it because we were rich in love.

When we had our children we were still poor; still full of hopes and dreams, not only for ourselves, but for them too.

When we suffered loss, we felt like our hopes and dreams were yanked out from under us, but we clung to one another.

When we hurt one another we lost a little bit of ourselves; we began to walk in different directions.  We almost lost each other.

Then we realized that love is a choice and WE are worth fighting for.

When life didn't turn out as expected we each handled it differently.  You patiently rode the waves and emotions with me. 

When I look back I see -
That we were never ever really poor.
Loss was really our gain.
Forgiveness brought hope.
And unexpected detours brought sweet blessings.

When you asked me to marry you I didn't realize how quickly our hopes and dreams would become our today; how different they would look then we had imagined.  God is always good.  Life has been ... interesting. And I am glad you are the one I get to live it with.


All my love,
This post was supposed to be for Five-Minute Friday a couple of weeks ago - the weekend of our anniversary.  I didn't finish it in time and so didn't publish it.  You know how there are moments when you are overwhelmed with gratefulness?  That.  Life is life and we are in a season where some days it seems the only words we say to one another are, "Bye, have a good day" and "Good night, I love you".  Often we don't make time for US.  The thing about Scotty is that he just wants to make sure I'm good.  And if that means he makes dinner or throws the laundry in (which is always, lately), or rubbing my shoulders - he does it.  Without my asking, even if I am in a bad mood.  Especially if I am in a bad mood.  In the middle of our frustrations with each other's quirks, anger over this or that, and too little time for one another - it is good to know that the other will still be there.  That's the point of this post.  All the stuff is what makes up US and I like US.  It reminds me that no matter what is happening right now, in the end we will be able to look back and see that every season, good or bad, has made up the life that we built together.  That is the remarkable thing about marriage.  We know that the other is flawed.  We hurt one another.  We make mistakes.  And when we decide to stay anyway, it makes up a love story.  It's nothing glamorous.  It's just real and messy and beautiful. 

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