Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Incredible Gift

In pre-op

After 5 1/2 years of dialysis treatments, 3 times a week; 3 hours at a time - my beautiful momma has a new kidney! The surgery went well.  Besides a couple of rough nights and fever due to her new medication (one out of what seems like a hundred!), she has been doing great!  Thank you for your prayers!  Keep 'em coming!

We could hardly believe it when we received the news that a kidney had come available for her.  We are so grateful for this gift, knowing that while we are rejoicing, another family is mourning.  Please lift them up in prayer.  Although we don't know who they are, we will forever owe them a debt of gratitude for changing my mom's life.

You can read more of my mom's story over at My sister and her husband did a wonderful job setting up the website - please check it out! 

Speaking of my sisters.  I don't know what I would do without them and my brother. 

The past week and a half has been manic, to say the least.  Between setting up accounts, traveling 70 miles to and from the hospital, trying to figure out insurance stuff, making arrangements for her 24 hour care for the next 4-6 weeks and managing our own personal and work schedules - we all have carried one another.  Scotty and Celine also deserve a major award for putting up with the crazy lady (me) who has moved into our home!

Mr. Parker - A Christmas Story (Photo) 

Please continue to pray for my mom as she adjusts to new medications and the health challenges that come along with organ transplantation.  She is just at the beginning of her recovery journey.  Please pray that all will go well, without complications and that she will be home soon, enjoying her new life!

Thank you for your friendship!  I love having this space to share life together with you!

- Liv


  1. Praise God! And I will keep your mother and your entire family in my prayers. God bless. xoxo

    1. Thanks Beth! Huge hugs and so much happiness for you and your family! Appreciate your all's service so much!


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