Friday, August 15, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Tell

I have to tell you something.

I love you!  No really, I mean it.

Life has been crazy and it's been over a month since I've written here.  There have been some wild ups and downs.  Like a vacation and FINALLY seeing the Grand Canyon and a thrilling aerial dive.  There's saying hello and goodbye and plan changes and OH MY!  All the things.  It's so much! 

And in the midst of all that I lost the time to come to one of the places that allows me to breathe.  In the crazy I almost wondered if I would even know what to say to you.  But this morning I logged on to my computer and saw that my friend, Ashley (love her!) had a Five Minute Friday Post.  And it was like coming back home.  It is all still here - the blogging community and Five Minute Friday and YOU.  I have so much to tell you!  But not now, because well, five minutes is not enough time.  And not everything because as Ashley said in her post, there are some things that "We just need to tell the Lord, without saying a word to the world."

So I leave you with the most important:

Being here with you fills me up!  And I just wanted to tell you.

- Liv

five minute friday :: tell 


  1. Well, hi! I love you, too! ;) Just stopping by from Five Minute Friday. Glad you had fun at the Grand Canyon. Happy blogging!!

  2. Thankful that you share your story!


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