Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How I Write

I love blogging.  I think often about you and what I want to say to you.  I wish I could write here more frequently because I like you so much!

I started blogging for two reasons:

1) I have always enjoyed writing, but like many things we love in life - I rarely made time for it.  I wanted to have a reason to force myself to slow down and just do it.  And you are a great reason!  I love writing to you!

I've kept a journal for as long as I can remember.  When we were assigned book reports in grade school, I secretly did a happy dance while the rest of the class moaned.  I wondered why everyone dreaded it so much - I just wrote what came into my mind and it sounded like how I think.  It came so much easier to me than math.  Writing allows me to sort my thoughts so I can say exactly what I mean.  I feel like you really get to know a person by how and what they write.  It's so personal.  If I have something important to say to you I am going to write it, because when I say it out loud, it doesn't seem to come out right.

2) I wanted to create a space for encouragement.  Being a wife, mommy, daughter, sister, friend and human in general can be hard and we need each other!

At this point I don't keep a schedule.  If something is on my mind, I write it.  In anything I write, I am preaching to myself.  If I write a post encouraging you to see your value, it is because I am feeling inadequate myself.  It takes me anywhere from a few hours to several days to write a post.  No matter how long it takes - I can't concentrate on anything else until I've hit publish!  I become obsessed!  I have a writing room, which I love to use because it's pretty and smells nice, but my favorite spot is in between the sheets with a cup of something and my thoughts.  I do my best thinking in the morning after a good nights sleep.  I'm a morning person fer shur.

As with anything, I have plentiful seasons and I have dry seasons.  I keep quiet during the scarce times because I never want to write empty words just to fill space.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  It's during these times that I most appreciate link-ups and prompts, because I really do want to talk to you!   I have met some of my biggest encouragers and the sweetest people through link-ups.  I am blessed to have come across such wonderful blogging communities!

And that is basically it.  Simple.  Very un-perfect.  I just ... write.  Because I love it.  And because I like you.  So  per chance somebody wanted my advice it would be this:

Just do it.  There is no perfect formula.  We have to start somewhere.  If I had waited until I had more time, or more experiences or did more research, I would never have begun.  Just take the first step.  And besides, it's cheap therapy!
 "Forget all the rules.  Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate  writing." - Melinda Haynes
- Liv 
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  1. Yeah, buddy!

    I'm all about "cheap therapy and self-preaching".

    Taking one step at a time with you!

    1. Thanks for this, Elise! I love getting your posts in my inbox!

  2. This is my favorite by you. I am pinning it so I can always go back and be encouraged and remember WHY I am writing. God bless you, sweet sister. Love you!

    1. Ashley, you bless my heart so much! <3

  3. Truly encouraging. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  4. Hoping over from Barbie's place. So glad I came over. This was so sweet. My favorite place to write is between the covers with a cup of coffee too! <3 Blessings.

    1. Hi, Beth. It's nice to meet you! Mutual friends, coffee and writing - I like you already!

  5. Hello Beth

    Like you I find writing focusing and therapeutic. Many times for me though it is just pure discovery, like setting out for a hike in a random direction. Not sure what I'll find there, but if I am paying attention (focusing), most often I find some amazing surprises (therapeutic.).


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