Friday, May 30, 2014

Five-Minute Friday: Nothing

I'm not very good at doing nothing.
From the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I close them at night, my brain is busy.  I used to think this was a virtue.  I've measured a days success by how early I got up and how much I got done.  A ruler of my worth.  Exhausting.  On the "unsuccessful" days I went to bed feeling worthless.  Like a failure.

Often when I wander into the living room in the morning, Scotty will be sitting on the couch sipping a cup of coffee.  Doing nothing.  Thinking nothing.  Like really.  Nothing.  When we were first married I would plop down next to him and ask, "whatcha thinkin' about?".  "Ain't nothing going on up here", he would say.  It baffled me.  I don't know what that is like.  How can you not be thinking anything?  

Nowadays I am longing to learn to do nothing and be okay with it. 

Just sitting with someone, saying nothing.  In contentment.  In grief. 
Giving my brain a rest from all the things.
What if I gave all my moments to God? 
Not having to fix everything.  Not having to be in control. 
Not having to prove my worth by what I've done - isn't that the beauty of grace?
Rest.  Quiet.  Stillness.  Silence.

Sometimes nothing is everything. 

- Liv  
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  1. This is great! Maybe because I can relate so well. I have a very hard time doing nothing, although I think I crave this kind of downtime. Thanks for the reminder that doing nothing is healthy.

  2. Sweet friend! I have missed coming here! We have been moving, and my computer was down and packed and out in the country I couldn't load much from my phone. I missed your beautiful writing! I love this so much!

    1. Thank you for popping in and making my morning with your sweet self!


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