Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I couldn't be more content.

The bread is rising and the pumpkin pie is cooling on the counter.  I sit here and inhale the spiced pumpkin scent.  Mmmm ... deliciousness.

Taylor is here.  I offered him a hot bowl of potato soup as soon as he walked in the door.  Funny how happy I was that he accepted.  You know how on TV the moms are always trying to feed their adult children?  I think I get it now.  It's one small way that I can still care for him, now that he is on his own.  I hope that his hunger for food and family will always lead him back home.

We've settled in the living room to watch a movie.  Taylor is sprawled out on the floor and Celine is snuggled in between me and Scotty.  They are sipping hot chocolate and dipping biscotti.  Tomorrow we will eat too much and celebrate with family who is near and we will miss the family members who are too far away.  But for tonight it is just the four of us again.  And my heart is overflowing.  We are beyond blessed.


Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with family and pumpkin pie and the things you love most. 


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